11Metaverse Whitelist Giveaway Round 2

July 5, 2022

Company: 11Metaverse

Price: 240 MATIC

Supply: 10704


WHITELIST GIVEAWAY ROUND 2 IS ON – Get in on the whitelist at 240 $MATIC

Winners are announced on July 13 🏆​

About our project:

11Metaverse is a Cross-Blockchain protocol providing a distributed platform for shared virtual worlds called Metaverse.

It offers virtual gaming, remuneration and monetization features on a number of selected games, on a proprietary multi-blockchain infrastructure that seamlessly connects with social media channels. It allows developers to dock their applications and use all provided tools.
Our proprietary game will have a complete collection of NFTs, composed of METATROOPERS and RUNNERUNITS.

The NFTs have both in-game as well as collectable value. When you log in to MotoRage, you use your character NFTs as a token to go live which transforms any 2D character NFT card into a real 3D MetaTrooper, with strengths & features set by the user.

Our NFTs have a complex matrix of rarities. In terms of collectable value, we provide 7 levels of rarity, with a descending number of pieces minted at the growing rarity level. Within each layer, the total number of characters varies, making some characters more precious than others.

Added July 5, 2022