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3D UrbanStyle NFT Drop

August 20, 2023


Supply: 3340


3D UrbanStyle is an NFT digital collection modeled in two 3D creation programs. Each character has a special visual characteristic consisting of stylish clothes, hairstyles, and accessories, which together give the uniqueness of NFT.
On our Twitter, we tell the stories of our characters, what they do in the city, what their hobbies are, and why they are dressed like that.
So, let’s liven up the weekdays in the city.
There are guys who work hard at work, earning their bucks. And yes, they are not just office plankton. They are going to become real bosses because they know their value and are not afraid to show what they are capable of.
And someone from our team strives for new knowledge at the university. They have to sit in books until night for the sake of boring exams, but they know that this is only a step on the way to their bright future.
And then there are those who refuse to accept these boring rules at all. They choose the road of less resistance, but who says it’s bad? They play their game, their free soul is not tied to anyone.
They don’t need any diplomas or corporate jackets, they are happy to be themselves.
Believe me, these characters are part of the modern culture of the big city. Find your story in one of our cool works. Let’s show the world that the youth in the city are real heroes, making their way through life with courage and style

Supply: 3340
Blockchain: Solana
OG Mint: TBA WL Mint: TBA
Public: TBA
Mint Date: TBA


Added August 21, 2023