February 1, 2023

Company: 420Stonedtrolls

Price: 10 SOL

Supply: 4200


420 stoned trolls – Who are you? We are a gang of stoned trolls who represent the 4:20 social culture in the new world of web 3 technologies. There are many roles in each gang, someone is the boss, someone is an assistant, but in fact, we are all equal and respect everyone’s opinion because the main way to peace and development is freedom of speech and the embodiment of the craziest ideas.

We are able to provide each participant with the opportunity to realize his idea, to help him in this if he lacks the necessary details, be it finance, marketing or development. The key to such possibilities is hidden in our NFT. Bosses are able to provide their gang with all the necessary tools to conquer the NFT space, provide them with a good mood and guide them on the right path. Together we will achieve great success!

Added January 13, 2023