NFT Evening

7Art Photoverse

September 22, 2023


Supply: 10000


This is the Genesis Collection by and the launch of the studio, where artists can easily bring their art to the blockchain.
Made in Germany.
The collection consists of a total of 7 photos from 6 different renowned top photographers and 1 community member who all donated their photos for this special collection.
With the start of the Art Director Club event “Beyond the Photoverse” in Hamburg on 21.09.2023, the free mint of the 7Art Photoverse collection will also start.
From September 21-24, everyone will have the opportunity to mint a free randomly selected work.
The goal of the project is to make NFT technology more widely known and accessible to photographers and photo enthusiasts alike.
It is further intended to be an example of how art can be easily brought to the blockchain and to show the possibilities of Web3.

Added September 22, 2023