9Lives on Fantom Drop

October 29, 2021

Company: 9Lives

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The 9Lives DAO will leverage multifaceted collective-driven action to drive profitability and expansion within the Fantom ecosystem. The ticket to the 9Lives Pantheon is one of 1,000 custom Genesis NFTs, inspired by the animal from which we derive our organization’s name.

Holding a 9Lives Genesis NFT grants a myriad of benefits within the DAO, such as airdrops, DAO-based revenue sharing, metaverse real estate, voting rights, and more.

The 9Lives DAO seeks to facilitate a group effort focused on a egalitarian financial construct; the desired ethos and intention of those within the DAO will be exemplified through the utilization and further innovation of a wide berth of decentralized practices.

Added October 25, 2021