Pixlgus Drop

December 11, 2021

Company: Pixlgus

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Pixlgus is a new NFT project, featuring 10,000 unique crewmate NFTs inspired by the game among us.
(We are currently running 2 giveaways on our Twitter and Discord, make sure to check them out)
We have a long-term roadmap that will provide our holders with permanent passive income from other future projects owned by Pixlgus.

This roadmap is a brief representation of our goals and where we want to take Pixlgus.


Members from the white list will be the first people to have access to minting. They can grab a maximum of 20 Crewmates per wallet at a reduced price (0.08eth for presale and 0.13eth for the rest)

Only 250 people will benefit from this sale


At the 1,000 sales mark, we will initiate the reveal of our NFTs.


This is one of the most crucial steps of the project and it will shape its future.
Our goal is to introduce the NFT world to new people, we will heavily invest in studying our target audience.
The scaling phase will see the creation of other projects directly related to Pixlgus in order to benefit the community in the long run.


At the 2,500 sales mark, we will be giving away
– $50,000
– Custom merch/collectibles
– NFTs from our secondary collections

Launching our own coin

This step is the continuation of our scaling strategy, creating our crypto coin will be a really big step for this project and all our future projects.
4% of the royalties from the majority of our projects will be invested in the creation of the coin and its liquidity.
? All the holders will be eligible for an airdrop?

Scaling and Advertising

In order to keep the community growing and grow our coin, we will heavily invest in advertising using business magazines and press coverage.


At the end of the roadmap for Pixlgus, we will be giving away a spaceflight or $250,000 depending on the circumstances (If spaceflight is available by that time).

Added November 23, 2021