Punkles Drop

November 21, 2021

Company: Punkles

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Punkles is a collection of 5,000 unique and hand-drawn NFTs placed on Ethereum blockchain. Suitable for both starter and experienced collectors, Punkles feature newest derivatives of well-known and favorite collections as well as offer an opportunity to discover unforeseen renditions of everyone’s favorite art.

Featuring celebrities and artists look-alikes drawn in everyone’s favorite style, the Punkles collection will be one of the innovative cross-overs that the NFT community has ever seen.

Owners of Punkles NFT will be offered a Punkles Community Membership, an exclusive community with access to special services, much akin to the celebrities featured in this very own collection. Members of the Punkles Community will be able to obtain their characters complementing NFT assets such as virtual stages, virtual albums and/or movies, very much like the celebrities we see today.

So why wait? Get a chance to be your own dream superstar with triple platinum albums, or be a grammy winning movie icon, or be the World Cup winning champion of the NFT universe!

Giveaways will be held regularly on the PunklesNFT Twitter page, where everyone can get a chance to receive one of these unique NFTs. Feel free to also join Punkles discord to chat and win additional prizes as well as show of your very own collection.
Due to the nature of regular giveaways, earlier members will have more chances to obtain more characters, so join today and don’t miss out!

Added November 23, 2021