Abstract dancing Drop

October 31, 2021

Company: Abstract dancing

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Abstract dancing is an abstract single edition drop that tells you a story behind the mask of reality.
The grace and elegance of body combined together with the dynamism and strong of movements. It’s the base behind the artist performance. Perform exceptionally is like to take a long drift inside the world of immagination; a world that never ends. Sometimes the stress and ansious emotions could play a significant role while the exibition take on. Evasion is an essential dimension that configure the right way to ive the best without thinking too much.

Colors are full of warmth touch and sensual perception, inviting as the performing dancer in the stage that entertain with her involving movements. This concept has the purpose to hit people visually speaking. All the things of the project either size of the stage had been choosen carefully to stimulate a specific reaction to the watcher. The apperance of the model, for example, is not either naked nor accuretly dressed on, just the right equilibrium suspended between tollerance and sensual provocation. The stage has a squared shape because it more focuses the attention on the model and on anything else. As abstract paintings style I used flowers, grunges and watercolors because their abesense of rigid forms and for dynamical, sharps pins and tops. Blue and purple are extremely attactive gradients for two reasons being in line with the meaning of the opera: first, they are inviting to our brain. it looks like human brain reacts positively at this intense and strong stimulation. It’s clear, powerful and extremely sensual like red. A woman who dance is perfectly fitted in it I think. Second, expecially blue, create a contrast with purple because it tends to attenuate the energy that purple put under evidence. This dancer is sensual, she’s evasing in a fantastic world and her immagination is a mix between the sensuality of purple and the tranquillity of blue gradients.

Added October 27, 2021