Acrylic Destroyed Drop

June 25, 2022

Company: iVibrant

Price: 0.006 ETH

Supply: 6


I had a crazy idea, maybe I am a little crazy?
Yes, perhaps, but it’s fun!

I decided to do a little experiment. Since I can always paint more paintings, and I will… and I’ll probably add them here at a later time.
I thought “Okay, I am going to totally destroy one of my big beautiful paintings and sell it as an NFT.”

There are 6 NFTs.

The main painting is worth more then the detail photos.

The 5 close up photos (don’t want to miss those details 🙂 Are priced low

As a traditional artist I know how important a Certificate Of Authenticity is, so I created one for the complete NFT painting.
Its available in the unlockable content.

For a fun little video of the destruction of this painting, please click through to my YouTube (website)

I hope you enjoy my art!

Just an artist having fun,
Rachel Holmes

Added June 20, 2022