AI Maker Labs Public Sale

December 23, 2021

Company: Davinci by AI Maker Labs

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Mutate your PFPs with AI and create AI-art NFTs! Only 1333 NFTs can be mutated at 0.07 ETH Each.

Davinci is an AI which will help you create beautiful and twisted art. This is an unconventional project with a unique minting experience, where minters create their art at the time of minting.

This is the second project from AI Maker Labs after the first one which sold out.

Davinci can do two things:

(1) Enter a phrase to Davinci to create your masterpiece.
(2) Mutate your existing PFP NFTs with Davinci.

You can choose whatever NFT you want to modify and feed it to Davinci with your magic words.
Create your own Mutant Lions, Mutant Mekas, Mutant Punks and so much more. Why should MAYC and BAYC have all the fun? ?

You will be part of a 100% Community Generated Collection. Every single work of art will be from our community.

You don’t just mint your art, you create it. You will also own 100% of the post sale royalties.

How do I?
1.Connect your MetaMask wallet during the launch date.
2️. Enter words you care about (along with your NFT) and Davinci will create a masterpiece for you.
3. Mint your personalized artwork!

– 100% of the royalties on secondary sales will go to you.
– Holders will continue to get access to Davinci each month to evolve their art. We want AI Maker Labs to be the place where the best AI Artists are born.
– Full commercial rights and get a high-res image – Holders will get have exclusive commercial rights to the art you own.
– You will also get a high-res image that you can print, frame and use anywhere – Deals with Printful/Gelato/Prodigi will be made.
– Partnerships with other projects will be created
– AI Art DAO – We will be setting up a DAO that will contribute to the growth of holders and project. We will help holders become AI artists and support the AI NFT ecosystem.

Added December 14, 2021