Aiyah Verse Stickman X Drop

January 26, 2022

Company: Aiyah Verse


There will be 5,555 Stickman X, of which 5,000 will be available for mint.

The rest of the 555 will be kept as a reserved supply for future collaboration or other purposes.

In this Genesis sale, 1,000 Stickman X will be available to mint.

Aiyah Verse is a gaming metaverse where not only Aiyah NFTs, but NFTs in various collection can be deployed and materialized in the upcoming TCG game that we are currently developing.

Our first NFT drop is the Stickman X Collection, inspired when our founder’s lovely daughter was drawing 2 different stickman. Stickmen always held a special place in our childhood memories and we believe you are no exception.

And now, we have recreated that childhood memory and have given them an evolutionary metaverse where they will be able to come to life and unleash their fullest potential!

Added January 21, 2022