Alien Outburst NFT Drop

June 24, 2022

Company: Alien Outburst NFT

Price: 0.25 SOL

Supply: 2500

Source Link

Alien Outburst is the latest NFT project on Solana, a unique collection of 2,500 Alien life-form NFTs all hoping to find a new home in the solana space.
Our project brings to the table the best interest of the NFT community that has been lacking amazing and the best utilities, as well as an alienic society that guarantees access to a basic alien amenities like shelter, food, water, space ship. We’ve managed to perfectly come up with a creative and fun project, that’s here to stay and dominate in the solana space.
Some of our impressive and unmatched utilities includes fusion, P2E video game, also staking, lots of benefit for holders and we are also working on an exclusive auction house.
The success of this project lies in the hands of the community, we will do the best of our abilities to make Alien Outburst find shelter in the solana space.

Added June 15, 2022