AliengGang51 Launch

December 23, 2021

Company: Alien Gang51


Alien gang 51 is a young nft collection, but you are not surprised if you are reading this now. After analyzing the behavior of people, we know that no one reads the description block in the post, so you can immediately go to the list that we have compiled in order to lure you, our little earthly consumer, and invest in a really ambitious project. Scroll or navigate – it doesn’t solve anything on a universe scale.
What can we offer our new earthly adepts:

1. The first 300 who wrote in the chat “I want to believe” – ​​the role of early support and access to the presale
2. The first 510 – whitelist
3.5151 unique cards
4. Friendly community
5. Constant draws and giveaways
6. Invitation contest
7. Evidence for the existence of alien life
8. Regular social raids on Scully and Mulder

Added December 4, 2021