Ancient Gods Club NFT Mint

January 27, 2022

Company: Netjer Labs


Ancient Gods Club is a collection of 7,777 NFTs, including 1 Ethereal Advanced Species, 6 Holiday Edition Gods and 7,770 randomly generated Ancient Gods. Each Ancient God is a unique digital deity descending upon the Ethereum blockchain. The project offers an original idea that blends godly aura with modern fashion and features 177 possible traits with three ancient god types: Ra, Bastet and Anubis.

The owner of Ethereal Advanced Species will receive 7 ETH bonus and the owners of the 6 Holiday Edition Gods will receive 0.7 ETH bonus each. Owning an Ancient God provides exclusive membership access to virtual events that host heavenly giveaways. The Ancient Gods Club is the premiere collection by Netjer Labs who is committed to staying and building within the NFT space for the long term. Owners and early supporters of Ancient Gods Club will be rewarded when new projects are released.

Added December 20, 2021