Ancient Humans NFT Drop

June 30, 2022

Company: Ancient Humans NFT

Price: 60 ADA

Supply: 500


Ancient Humans NFT is the base of a third-person, Metaverse open-world survival game where you survive – to explore, trade, hunt, and play games to earn money. The game is set deep in the metaverse, and in it, you will be able to go on endless adventures with your friends to survive and progress in the world, building it from the ground up, as it is there to stay for millions of years to come. You will be able to manage a household, a village, a city, and your own castle. You will always be a primitive ancient human, and you can always be the best at it! 🙂
You will have to nurture yourself by eating, drinking, and keeping fit and healthy.

You will land at the Amazon Rainforest with many other Ancient Humans, and you will fight to survive. At first, you will hide in caves, looking for the recipe for fire. But slowly, you will gather supplies, materials, and knowledge to build huts, tools, and a community. As the verse expands, you will grow into advanced cities and luxurious castles.
The threats will keep coming and growing, as you will have to fight them down and grow bigger into giant monsters you will have to take down with your community.
The predators will become more intelligent and capable as your community grows. This game will be ever-evolving, and ever-fun.

The Ancient Humans Metaverse community will vote together to state the risks involved in the world and the options to grow by. At the end of the day, the community is the whole project.
Our mission is to create a world filled with a fantastic community that everyone would want to participate in. Fun, adventure and community rewarding events lead us in this metaverse’s direction.

Added June 28, 2022