Ancient Lubat Launch

December 23, 2021

Company: Lubat


The Lubat Profile Picture (PFP) NFT and play-to-earn platforms merge the ruthlessness of battle with the companionship that combat produces through its Lubat Gaming and art NFT offerings.

7,676 ancient Lubat NFTs — the Warrior and Wizard will launch Friday, December 23rd, at 14:00 UTC. We usher in these adorable creatures minting at .7 SOL. Lubats are inspired by the rarity and many characteristics of us all. And just as some of us are loyal and some are not, some are healthy and some carry diseases, so too will the Lubats be.

Another collection including 1,000 King and Queen NFTs can be expected in January 2022. This collection will be automatically airdropped to existing Warrior and Wizard NFT holders.

Each Lubat is unique, with thousands of combination abilities and attributes.

Lubat NFT Holder Perks:
• Whitelisted and priority access for upcoming Lubat King and Queen NFT drops
• Early access to select future art
• The chance to win rare Lubat in-game assets
• Smart mechanisms will redistribute payments to our early supporters and NFT holders
• Collect Lubat NFT for Solana and game token rewards in collection competitions
• Stake for rewards that can be used in the marketplace

Lubats combines free-to-play and play-to earn models, taking the lead from other successful auto-battler games. While we eliminate up-front costs and players can earn from gameplay, our in-game token will not only boost Lubat and Lubat colony evolution, but will also help the Lubat economy thrive. As the Lubat eco system stabilizes, the token will be tradable on Dex.

Token usage will be used to:
• Reward players for completing predefined actions, like inviting others to Lubat and completing in-game missions
• Evolve Lubat NFT & Lubat Colony NFT in order to upgrade & store metadata to be traded in the market
• Use as native currency in the game, to buy game items (blood pack, weapons, healing items & blood generating boosters)
• Reduce healing time

Added December 17, 2021