Anyside Web3 Names

December 7, 2022

Company: Anyside

Supply: 100000


Anyside is a utility-packed Blockchain Name service that empowers you to show and grow your brand identity on Web3.

Besides a Name and Domain name, Anyside offers you a space (page) where you can showcase you bio, links, socials, pictures, videos, NFTs, wallet addresses, and feeds.

What makes Anyside so special?

– Anyside’s NFTs can be edited in seconds, allowing them to stand out on marketplaces
– Anyside user page can easily be customised
– Anyside is cross-chain, which means Anyside NFTs can be minted and traded in ETH, SOL, POLYGON, and more may be added.

Anyside is holding a Free Airdrop of Anyside standard names to its Twitter or Discord followers.

Premium names are also available at launch for purchase, at prices ranging from US$ 29 to 999 depending on the number and types of characters.

Added November 11, 2022