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November 5, 2021

Company: Crypstrology

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Astrology + blockchain = mathematical conversion of messages with numbers

A 13 piece collection with 5 editions each

In Crypstrology, I humanize cryptocurrency by pairing coins with zodiac signs. Each coin logo is dismantled into the zodiac depiction with 3 characteristics applicable to sign and coin. This is a precursor to a larger crypto/astrology project!


1. ASSERTIVE โ€“ Chainlink is a notably fast-growing project

2. AMBITIOUS โ€“ There is no inherent limit to Chainlink

3. COMPETITIVE โ€“ Chainlink is blockchain agnostic


1. POWERFUL โ€“ Bitcoin has the highest FIAT value of all coins

2. LOYAL โ€“ Bitcoin has the largest and most consistent fan base

3. BULLISH โ€“ Bitcoin is stubborn on its upward directional move


1. ADAPTABLE โ€“ Uniswap has clone software that is adaptable and scalable

2. CLEVER โ€“ Uniswapsโ€™ clever marketing makes the brand memorable

3. UNRELIABLE โ€“ Reliability is questioned because of playful branding


1. PROTECTIVE โ€“ Filecoin is based on permanent filing storage systems

2. COMPASSIONATE โ€“ Filecoin foundation donated over $1M in 2021

3. VINDICTIVE โ€“ Filecoin is competing with all cloud storage providers


1. DETERMINED โ€“ Dogecoin is determined to make value out of nothing

2. CONFIDENT โ€“ Doge is confident it will reach the moon

3. ARROGANT โ€“ Dogecoin fans sometimes overhype the coin


1. INDUSTRIOUS โ€“ Binance has grown from trading fees to bookings and services

2. PRACTICAL โ€“ Binance has a strong focus on security

3. UPTIGHT โ€“ Binance uses 1/5th of its profits to destroy BNB coins


1. CONNECTED โ€“ Ethereum is the link between BTC and altcoins

2. BALANCED โ€“ Ethereumsโ€™ balance recently reached an all-time low

3. MANIPULATIVE โ€“ Binance uses 1/5th of its profits to destroy BNB coins


1. PASSIONATE โ€“ Ripple was founded on a passion for blockchain technology

2. STRATEGIC โ€“ Ripple is a leader in strategic institutional collaboration

3. REVENGEFUL โ€“ Despite critics, XRP continues to grow


1. INDEPENDENT โ€“ Avalanche is a platform for decentralized apps

2. ADVENTUROUS โ€“ Avalanche can implement any custom VM

3. EGOTISTICAL โ€“ Avalanche aims to replace ETH


1. HARDWORKING โ€“ Tether initiates hard forks

2. CONSISTENT โ€“ Tether is always worth $1

3. SERIOUS โ€“ Tether is stable without volatility


1. VISIONARY โ€“ Hoskinson is seen as a blockchain visionary

2. INTELLIGENT โ€“ Cardano uses the names of many mathematicians

3. IDEALIST โ€“ Cardano has utopian level ambitions


1. CREATIVE โ€“ Solana is linked with the NFT community

2. EMPATHETIC โ€“ Solana runs a grant foundation program

3. IMPRESSIONABLE โ€“ Solana is censorship-resistant

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