Artäba Drop

August 1, 2022

Company: Juanes NFT

Price: 0.02 ETH

Supply: 600

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Welcome to my world, a strange place where I connect my mind and my canvas in one line. Drawing with blindfolded eyes where my mind and hand come together in my abstract and cubist interior creating unique and unrepeatable drawings in the NFT world of ETH

artäba is a collection of 600 amazing NFTs, drawn by Juanes 1 to 1, each NFT artwork unique and unrepeatable . It is not a collection of rare avatars, but a series of works subdivided into 10 Levels of evolving art under the same graphic concept that lives in the ETH blockchain (Ethereum).

Each Level is composed of 4 graphic blocks and each block will have 15 NFTs which will be divided into:

12 NFTs will be minted by collectors.
1 will be drawn among the buyers of each Block.
1 will be drawn among all artäba collectors and
No.15 of each block will be the most special, will enter a public auction and 100% of the mint will be donated to a foundation for a specific purpose (the charity may be different from the one I support as an artist, it will be previously notified before each auction).

artäba lives on the Ethereum network (ETH) and its minteo base price is 0.02 ETH, each block released will have an increase in the ETH value, so the earlier you enter my select group of Collectionists the more useful you will have in your NFT.

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As a 1/1 artist, I do not handle Discord or WhiteList

Added June 8, 2022