Asics x STEPN Sneakers Mystery Box – Binance NFT

April 13, 2022

Company: STEPN


Move-to-earn health and fitness application STEPN and Japanese sports brand Asics are launching their very first limited edition 1000 NFT sneakers. Basically, each Mystery Box contains one unique NFT sneaker for 0.5 BNB each. Then, Asics produced four possible designs for this drop: Walker, Jogger, Runner and Trainer. Each design comes in two rarity levels: Common and Uncommon.

The auction via Binance NFT marketplace will open on April 13 at 0:00 AM UTC and close by April 14 at 12:00 PM (UTC).

Highlights STEPN x ASICS NFT Drop

Users can level up their STEPN x ASICS NFT sneakers by burning tokens. They can also add attributes points and NFT Gems to the sneaker in order to boost its performance. Then, by putting two sneakers NFT together and burning some tokens, users can mint one NFT Shoebox. Moreover, on rare occasions, they can get two Shoeboxes at the cost of one. Opening the shoebox will give the user one random sneaker NFT.

Meanwhile, here are the perks of owning a Shoebox NFT (Mystery Box):

  • When you buy a Common Shoebox, it will contain a unique STEPN x ASICS Common NFT Sneaker. It could be any of the four types of sneakers: Walker, Jogger, Runner or Trainer. Each type is designed to suit a different exercise intensity and fitness level, and the only way to get one is with this exclusive sale on the Binance NFT marketplace. Total supply:850
  • When you buy an Uncommon Shoebox, it will contain a unique STEPN x ASICS Common or Uncommon NFT Sneaker. Your NFT sneaker could also be any of the four types of sneakers. The chances of getting the uncommon quality are higher but there is also that slight possibility of receiving the common sneaker. This adds to the intrigue and mystery in the game! Total supply: 150

The top 30 users ranked by their NFT transaction volume on the “STEPN x ASICS NFT Sneakers” Mystery Box collection on the platform will also receive a reward. They will share a prize pool of 3,000 GMT token vouchers. The activity period is from April 19 at 12:00 (UTC) to April 25 at 12:00 (UTC). The team will take the snapshot on April 26. You check out the NFT listing on Binance for the full mechanics.

Added April 13, 2022