Asterwords Strike!

May 25, 2022

Company: Asterwords

Price: 30 ADA

Supply: 5500

Source Link

5500 Asterwords fired across the metaverse are on a collision course with the Cardano blockchain. Cardano is under serious threat and in danger of being destroyed. Help the Cardano Defence Force capture Asterwords. How many Asterwords will you capture?!

Breaking news!!: Biggest ADA giveaway in Cardano NFT history. Over 50K ADA up for grabs!

Come join the Cardano Defence Force (CDF) and be rewarded for capturing Asterwords.
The first CDF member (join our Discord to become a member) who captures all 100 different Asterword NFT terms (i.e Looks Rare, Wen Lambo, To the Moon etc) will win 3000 ADA.
We will also reward all CDF members who claim 10 different Asterword terms with 100 ADA.

Added May 13, 2022