Average BoB Mint

November 26, 2022

Company: Average BoB

Price: 0015 ETH

Supply: 1111


Average BoB’s are 1111 unique NFT’s grinding the usual 9:00 to 17:00 on the Ethereum blockchain.

Supply: 1111

Average BoB is created for the average bob grinding through life’s quills just trying to survive. And relating through a humorous animated series about the Average BoB’s life which will be exclusively aired on our own Web3 platform. Making your Average BoB NFT your unlimited access ticket.

What makes Average BoB above the average project:

– Exclusive first viewings to Average BoBs series.
– Exclusive collaboration with the script team to have your ideas featured in an episode.
– Royalties for your collaboration.
– Airdrops
– Real utilities
– Project reinvestments & Community Wallet

Roadmap Summary:

Phase 1 to 4 – Create the 4 main characters for the Average BoB show.
Phase 5 – Create extras/background characters.
Phase 6 – Launch Average BoB Web3 streaming platform.
Phase 7 – Air first season of Average BoB.

We have also partnered with FunkyNFT.co to provide holders with even more utility and rewards outside of Average BoB.

Added September 9, 2022