Baby Harambe Club Public Sale

December 24, 2021

Company: BabyHarambeClub

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The Baby Harambes are the first generation offspring of Harambe. They have been locked up for so long and they have now figured out a way to escape their captivity from the facility at which they were held. After the death of their parent, the Baby Harambes were taken to a remote facility and had many experiments performed on them. The result? The Baby Harambes became intelligent beings, but their bodies have been altered forever.

The Baby Harambes are now on a mission to take over the galaxy in revenge for their dead parent and for the way they have been treated. Will the Baby Harambes be successful in taking over the galaxy? Or will their plans fail?

Join the Baby Harambes on their mission to take over the galaxy today by buying a Baby Harambe Club cNFT!

Presale: 23/12/2021
public sale : 24/12/2021

Price: 30 ADA

Added December 11, 2021