BabyCake NFT Drop

April 29, 2022

Company: BabyCake

Price: 303 USD\/USDC

Supply: 2000

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BabyCake will launch a rare NFT line on Binance Smart Chain’s most popular and heavily trafficked NFT marketplace – Treasureland. The BSC reflection coin announced the successful creation of its rare NFT collection, designed by the creators of both Cake Punks NFT projects. The CPunks project recorded significant sales metrics in 2021. The first batch of 1,000 CPunks NFTs sold out in just 2 days.

BabyCake and ZenFT partnered a few months back to begin work creating the 2,000 individually unique NFTs to be released on the Treasureland NFT marketplace this Tuesday. Both teams are very pleased with the high quality NFTs which will have unique features, making each individually identifiable and inherently rare. Non-fungible tokens in the most genuine meaning possible.

Added April 26, 2022