Bad Bananas NFT Drop

October 28, 2021

Company: Bad Bananas

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Collection of (initially) 59 Bad Bananas releases on Oct 28, 18:00 GMT. The bananas are minted on opensea.

Based off the common banana, each banana is hand picked by a team of three students from London. We use special fertiliser to ensure each banana is completely unique: there are no repeated features! They are inspired by our experiences, ideas, and art we have seen.

There are four different backgrounds: blue, green, pink, and yellow. Yellow is the rarest and is usually used for special bananas. Bananas that are completely customised or are deemed superior are priced at 0.015 ETH, while the rest cost 0.01 ETH.

To make it as cheap as possible for the buyer to buy a banana, we have decided to use the Polygon blockchain. There is no gas fee. However, there is a small fee when you transfer your ETH onto the Polygon blockchain, but this is minimal compared to the gas fee on the Ethereum blockchain. We believe that Polygon has huge growth ahead of itself, especially as a blockchain where NFTs are minted. Another step we have taken to reduce costs for the buyer is to keep royalties low at only 2.2%.

Once the bananas drop on Oct. 28, we will release at least one banana every day. We will do frequent giveaways on our twitter to engage with the community, and are aiming to do multiple collaborations with other NFT artists to promote our work as well as learning about other styles of art. This way, both creators learn new skills and can create new, unique art pieces by mixing different techniques. Once Bad Bananas have been released, we will likely create a website where we will display our bananas as well as a roadmap.

Enjoy our Bad Bananas, and email [email protected] or DM us on our twitter if you have any questions!

Added October 21, 2021