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Bad Bears – Genesis Launch

January 28, 2022

Company: Cryptonite Group Inc.

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5,555 Bad Bears are taking over the Metaverse with a one-of-a-kind tokenized, ERC-721 ecosystem built on Ethereum.

Each Bad Bear earns 100 $MSK per day in passive staking yield. $MSK token is the only fixed-supply NFT utility token designed to fuel innovation and raise the value of every Bad Bear. $MSK launched on January 20, 2022.

$MSK contract address: 0x72d7b17bf63322a943d4a2873310a83dcdbc3c8d

$MSK is distributed to Bad Bear holders while maintaining a fixed supply (no minting) and is replenished by users purchasing items in the Bad Bears Metaverse along with buybacks from the team. Owning $MSK gets you auto-whitelisted for the Bad Bears Genesis launch. The more you own, the more powerful you will be in the Bad Bears universe.

Grab some $MSK and lock in your Bad Bear.

Highlights and FAQ:
– Bad Bears Genesis: 5,555 total NFTs in the collection
– Whitelist pre-sale mint price: .1 eth
– Public sale mint price: .15 eth
– What are the benefits to holding a Bad Bear? Passive yield; mint pass; DAO.
– Each Bad Bear NFT generates 100 $MSK/day in passive staking yield. Holding a Bad Bear acts as a membership card to the Bad Bears universe and entitles you to future NFT drops that come out of Bear Labs.
– Bear Labs is scheduled to drop a serum in Q1 which will produce a one-of-a-kind Bad Cub that has an $MSK multiplier effect. A metaverse-ready VX Bear is in production now.
– The Bad DAO is funded by 10% of the mint and royalties which will be invested at the discretion of the Bad Bears NFT holders to purchase land in the metaverse or used as distributions. Profits earned from investments are paid out to Bad Bears holders quarterly.
– What is Bear Labs?
– Bear Labs periodically releases serums, viruses, and crazy tech which produce NFTs that will enable a multiplier on the MSK earned per day by each Bad Bear, cross-chain interoperability, and Metaverse integration.
– Collaboration with A-List artists for future drops
– $MSK total supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
– What are the benefits to holding $MSK tokens?
– $MSK holders meeting the minimum token requirement (to be announced) will have access to a crypto trading web-app never before seen in the crypto space. FOMOwallet is set to be released in Q2 2022.
– $MSK holders meeting the minimum token requirement will be auto-whitelisted for Bad Bears Genesis and future NFT drops out of Bear Labs.

Added January 26, 2022