BATS Money NFT from Elrond

July 15, 2022

Company: BATS Money

Price: 22 USD\/USDC

Supply: 1826

Source Link

BATS Money | 1826 unique NFT | Create Assets that bring Passive Income to Holders | Free AIRDROP | DAO Wallet 70%

First of all, you are welcome to our community! The first Roadmap v.1 & an idea of what are our plans with this community. Later we will reveal step by step all the benefits to become BM holder. In the first phase, we will build a strong community on Discord & set up our website.

Right after mint, will setup our DAO Wallet. We’ll fill it with 70% of NFT sale, 70% of royalties from secondary marketplaces & 70% of royalties from future airdrops.

DAO Wallet funds will be used on Elrond Network to bring REWARDS for BM holders every week or month! (EGLD/LKMEX farms, LP, Maiar DEX Launchpad tickets)

We have BM Strategy that will leave only 576 O.G. holders out of a total of 1826 NFTs. But don’t worry, all the holders will be able to get rewards. It’ just that some NFTs will be more special. But we won’t break the surprise here, we’ll reveal it later. Ha ha! 🤟

3D Airdrops for holders. The first one, will be the O.G. Airdrop. The next ones, we’ll reveal later, sorry.

Exclusive partnership for BM Holders with VC NFT community, which generates assets for their holders. (acces to new projects in early stages with high potential; IDO; crypto research & analysis; Reveal on Roadmap v.2.

Join us & invite your friends here. A lot of good stuff waiting to be taken through our GIEAWAYS!

By the way, this project is about the prestigious Alcatraz prison also called “The Rock”. The total supply of NFTs represents the total number of inmates ever incarcerated here and the number of guards. Only three inmates ever break out of here…I’m not saying these things for nothing, there might only be 3 special NFTs in the whole collection. Hence the name of the “Bats Money” collection, bats means cigarettes (the currency of prison), in prison slang. 👽

Added June 28, 2022