Battle Angels Update

February 15, 2022

Company: Blue Horizon


The history of Blue Horizon starts with a desire for a new, better civilization. In the year 2243, having grown tired of life on Earth, a collective of like-minded humans set off from the planet they called home in search of somewhere they could start afresh.

After travelling for millions of light years and not finding a planet that suited their needs, one of the scout ships, called Blue Horizon, finally picked up strong oxygen and water readings. A scouting party was sent down and reported back that the planet was the closest thing to Earth that they had yet seen and would definitely support their new colony. They decided to colonize, and the convoy made for the planet. The party began building a new civilization on this uninhabited world, which they named after the scout ship that first discovered it. Blue Horizon was born.

Their journey to Blue Horizon had taught them that the universe was a far from friendly place and they knew immediately that it wouldn’t be wise to leave themselves unprotected. To protect themselves the Blue Horizon settlers set about creating a legion of highly skilled beings that would help repel any invaders. These they called the Blue Horizon Battle Angels.

The Battle Angels would have different capabilities depending on the environment and conditions in their sector, and before long Blue Horizon had a range of Battle Angels that could protect the planet from even the toughest invaders.

Added January 31, 2022