Beats Bear NFT Drop

June 7, 2022

Company: Beats Bear NFT

Price: 0.10 ETH

Supply: 7777

Source Link

The Beats Bears are a collection of 7777 hand-drawn. Bears that come with an epic house track – called GRATITUDE. Gratitude is written, produced, and performed by MC FLIPSIDE. Good mood, gratitude, stay blessed, manifest. This mantra repeats with instant impact creating a captivating vocal rhythm which gets paired by a pumping jacking house beat that showcases the immense talent of this artist and our aligned intentions with the Beats Bears! Each Beats Bears comes with the song GRATITUDE!
The Beats Bears NFT collection lives their best life in Loveland and are here to spread love and elevate vibes through the power of music and epic beats. Beats Bears are on their way to taking over the metaverse.

Added May 11, 2022