BIG Monkeys NFT with Passive Income 1st Supply

June 30, 2022

Company: BIG Monkeys NFT

Price: 0.13 ETH

Supply: 888


NFT BIG Monkeys with 8 different Super Powers are deeply believe in inner super power of each of us. These guys know how to make trillions of money just by having fun and doing what they love! BIG Monkeys NFT’$ not only allow people to make good money and receive monthly dividends from a common cause – it allows everyone to believe in your Power and to find YOUR PEOPLE in this big strange world and calm down.

All the team loves BIG Monkeys the further the more. And we think you will love them too. The owners will get the same cards and after mint the cards will turn face up and they will see what of 8 different Power they get.

1st supply «Money generation» – 888 NFT
Blockchain – Ethereum
Marketplace – OpenSea
Mint date – June 30
WL price – 0.13 ETH

Holders of NFTs BIG Monkeys
▪ WL for next 2nd and 3rd generation NFTs BIG Monkeys
▪ Get passive income every month from BIG Bank. More NFTs – more income.
▪ Have access to an educational base of BIG University and will also receive digital NFT diplomas for their levels of study

Already announced for BM community:
▪ 3D BIG Monkeys Game – Play to earn
▪ BIG University with NFT diplomas in such specialities as NFT investor, NFT creator, NFT artist, Coin creator etc.
▪ Own «Land of big opportunities» on the Somnium metaverce
▪ 3D avatars for each Holder of 8 NFTs BIG Monkeys of different Powers

We welcome you on our Discord to get your WL for 1sr supply.

Added May 27, 2022