Black Friday Pre-Mint Offer

November 25, 2022

Company: Drunken Monkey Members' Club

Price: 0.5 ETH

Supply: 400


Drunken Monkey Members’ Club (DMMC) is a collection of 5,995 utility NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Every NFT in the collection doubles-down as an access pass to a real-world luxury concierge network that spans across twenty global destinations. This membership is life-time access and fully tradable on the secondary market.

Drunken Monkey members can access:
– Invite-only events
– Private members clubs
– Corporate rates
– Tickets to sold-out sporting events or concerts
– Assistance with travelling
– Assistance luxury vehicle rental
– Yacht chartering

This membership is controlled through a user-friendly mobile application that connects to MetaMask for member verification. Through the app, members receive curated destination guides, notifications of nearby events and venues they can attend, and they can chat directly with the team to make a bespoke request.


Operating in the luxury sector, a Drunken Monkey membership typically requires a minimum investment of 20 NFTs at 0.5 Ethereum, but this weekend, the minimum investment will be temporarily removed. For two days only, you can access a life-time luxury concierge network for just 0.5 Ethereum.

This offer will go live on Friday 25th November at 13:00 GMT via the Drunken Monkey dApp.

DMMC dropped their first round of 1,000 NFTs back in April 2022 and sold out in less than 20 minutes. Their floor price has increased month-on-month since, with several Platinum monkeys (the rarest tier of Gold, Diamond and Platinum) trading on OpenSea in excess of 4 Ethereum – a 4000% increase from the private sale.

This exclusive pre-mint offering will run until Sunday 27th November, but there are just 400 left in the round, so expect competition to be high.

When the current pre-sale round closes, the next opportunity to join the Drunken Monkeys Members’ Club will be by application at a cost of 1 Ethereum, whereby individuals seeking membership will be subject to checks such as annual income and job title.

Based on the growing value of the underlying utility, this isn’t one you’ll want to sit out!

Added November 22, 2022