BlocBurgers Launch Day

November 20, 2021

Company: BlocBurgers

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BlocBurgers is a collection of 7,777 uniquely handcrafted burgers, at 0.069 ETH each, minting on the 20th of November, at 1PM ET.

Fashioned with love by a dimension traversing luchadore chef to showcase his expansive collection of trinkets that transcend space, time and pop culture, each burger is unique and choc-full of utility.

The journey doesn’t end when you purchase a Blocburger, in fact its just the beginning. Blocburger holders will be able to choose their own destiny by Staking to yield $BALONEY tokens daily or Transforming their burger into something much more Interstellar. The $BALONEY token will be usable as a means to claim future PFP drops, and derive further utility from the BlocBurgers ecosystem in the future.

The project has already secured land in Decentraland and The Sandbox, and have even created a sentient AI burger that NFT holders will be able to interact and communicate with. In addition, the team will create a real world food truck that gives out burgers to the needy.

Future plans for the franchise include more collaborations with real world food trucks in 2022, and partnerships with established fast food chains. 30% of secondary royalties will go back to marketing initiatives for the BlocBurgers collection.

Added November 19, 2021