Blockchain fest 2022 – Singapore

June 2, 2022


Price: US$77 US Dollars

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Blockchain Fest is the biggest Asian 2-day event on Blockchain, Exchanges, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, Mining, Online Payments, and Investment in Singapore. The Blockchain forum is to become one of the biggest and the most important events in the crypto industry. This festival brings together not only top professionals and global leaders but also those who are just getting into Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Crypto exchanges, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), GameFi, Mining, Payment systems, and Investment.

Blockchain fest 2022
Blockchain fest 2022 in Singapore
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When and Where

Blockchain Fest will be running from June 2-3, 2022 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Singapore is the most crypto-friendly environment and a real center of modern financial Asia inviting companies from Europe and the world to join the event. Top professionals, global leaders, and even beginners in the industry from different sectors such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, decentralized finance (DeFi), mining, payment systems, and investment chose to join the event in Singapore. In 2021 the Blockchain Fest already took place in Limassol and now it is up for the challenge in Asia.

Network opportunities are one of the most vital elements at Blockchain Fest. Every participant gets a chance to use not just the networking lounges but also the expo space, conference, and workshop halls. This also includes even some evening activities. This is to meet top experts and build connections throughout every step they make in the venue.

Bitcoin Fest Registration Details

Blockchain Fest is not only a global event but a unique space for personal and business development. It is where every attendee will get an opportunity to join the biggest show filled with exhibition booths, networking lounges, conference, and workshop spaces as well as to meet gurus and innovators in blockchain and artificial intelligence.
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There are several ticket options to choose from: standard, business as well as VIP. There is also a Livestream of the full event.

Location: Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Street, Singapore 018956, Singapore
Number of Attendees: 2000+
Ticket Prices: $77
Participants, Speakers, Panelists: Johnny Lyu,
VP & Co-founder of KuCoin as well as other top CEOs and Founders will be present at the conference.

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