Bobby’s Bears Official Launch

May 23, 2022

Company: Bobby's Bears

Price: 0.03 ETH

Supply: 8888

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Bobby’s Bears is an NFT collection made of 8,888 Teddy Bears living on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Bobby’s Bears was inspired by the classic teddy bear that was a staple friend for many of our childhoods.

This collection was created with love in mind. The love for helping a friend whom is selfless in nature. From one friend to another, we created this project to help Alivebobby.

He has been taking care of his mother, who suddenly passed away. All his time, energy, and money has been used to take care of her putting him in a financial hardship.
He is doing his best, but it’s not enough.

In order to commemorate his mother, save Bobby, and give him time to grieve her loss, we offer you a Bobby’s Bear PFP to always hold the memory of a mother’s love.

Added May 24, 2022