Bottup Dunkel NFT Presale

December 9, 2021

Company: Bottup

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Earn as You Drink – Utility NFT Based on Proven Real-world Demands
Based in Singapore, was established in April 2021 by three beer-loving friends – a crypto nerd, a digital artist, and a German brewer – who one day ask the same question: What if you can earn with NFT while enjoying craft beer together? The project leverages digital asset technology and eCommerce, a market in which food and beverages have been gaining traction rapidly, to enable people the opportunity to “earn as you drink”.

Food and drink is a rapidly growing sector in online shopping, especially in Asia. And of course, NFT is gaining crazy traction as a hobby as well as an investment channel. More and more brands and retailers are also adopting cryptocurrency payments. Bottup was established to introduce the world to the future digital drinking and quench the consumer thirst for globally delivered, high-tech beverage shopping.

When you purchase a bottle of Bottup beer, you are also collecting a unique, limited-edition metaverse NFT printed on the label, which can be traded to earn money or used as payment to purchase more Bottup beer. For each series of Bottup flavor, the NFT with the highest bid will become the mascot of the beer line that also grants its owner profit-sharing rights.

High-quality Craft Beer Brew, Awesome Metaverse NFT Characters
Bottup’s beers are brewed using fresh, organic, and high-quality local ingredients. The project is working to launch its first flavor, Bottup Dunkel, with roasted caramelized, after-taste dark chocolate coffee taste. There are 200 limited-edition bottles of Bottup Dunkel, each with a unique goblin NFT printed on its label. The “theme” of the Bottup Dunkel beer line is a battle between goblins of the dark realm for the throne, and each of these goblins has their own vision for the world as the king. Among these 200, there are 10 legendary NFTs with a much higher value than the others.

Today on 9th December 2021, the project is listing 23 more Bottup Dunkel NFTs on OpenSea as pre-sale which includes 20 regular goblins priced at $100 each and 3 legendary goblins being auctioned starting at the price of $800. This is a fantastic opportunity to own Bottup Dunkel NFTs early for a great price, as the goblin NFTs will later be auctioned starting at the price of $150 for regular and $1,000 for legendary goblins respectively.

For more information, questions, and to always stay up-to-date with all Bottup news and development, follow the project on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, as well as their collection on OpenSea.

Key dates:
9th December 2021: Bottup Dunkel NFT Presale – 20 regular NFTs, 3 rare NFTs.
10th December 2021: Bottup Dunkel craft beer giveaway on Twitter

Added December 9, 2021