Bounty Hunter Space Guild Drop

November 20, 2021

Company: Bounty Hunter Space Guild

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Bounty Hunter Space Guild is a collection of 5555 Bounty Hunter NFT’s on Solana.


– Bounty Hunter DAO

– Access to DAO NFT Vault (The Tower x BHSG room) Room will be filled through initial mint sales depending on
the FPL decided price: 1 Sol = 200,000$, 2 Sol = 600,000$, 3 Sol = 1,000,000$

– Project sweeps every month to fill the vault for sustainable growth. NFT’s in the vault are controlled by the DAO.
Holders can distribute, donate, burn, etc.

– Universe Building Airdrops

– IRL Collectibles & Merch

Your key to the Solaris Systems universe.

Minting 11.20.21
Fair Launch Protocol: 1-3 SOL

Added November 4, 2021