Bourbon-n-Blockchain Services MINT!

November 25, 2022

Company: Bourbon-n-Blockchain Services (BnBS)

Price: 500.00 USD

Supply: 10000


BnBS is an NFT As A Service Protocol Club, that intends to create and maintain an NFT asset protocol that is dedicated to strengthening Blockchain technology. BnBS will be contributing treasury assets to various essential Blockchain platforms and critical cryptocurrency infrastructure. BnBS will be strengthening cryptocurrency infrastructure such as Blockchain Validator Nodes, Masternodes, Blockchain Nodes, lending protocols, and staking pools.
BnBS will be rewarded in the form of native tokens provided by each protocol. The accumulated tokens from these essential Blockchain services will be converted to USDC and provided to Club Members as rewards.
BnBS has partnered with distilleries and other vendors to bring unique and exclusive club member off-chain utility to the BnBS Club Members.

BnBS will generate Real Yields
BnBS will have Real on-chain and off-chain Utility
BnBS will provide Real Rewards

Please visit us and check out our project! Join the discord to find out more details! Whitelist spots available now!

Added November 2, 2022