Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade Drop

November 4, 2021

Company: ETHDenver

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Welcome to the Bufficorn #BUIDL Brigade, (B³), a utility-based NFT PFP community brought to you by SporkDAO & ETHDenver.

Enter to Win Prizes: https://gleam.io/3HA48/bufficorn-buidl-brigade

The Lore
The unicorn may be a good meme for the VC community, but it isn’t a great representation of the ethos of Web3. After all, how often do you see a unicorn with other unicorns (or any other animal for that matter)? Never. The unicorn is a solitary creature that basks in its mystery alone.
Then there’s the buffalo, a herd animal that runs, eats, poops, sleeps, and roams with its community, but it isn’t known for magic or majesty.
Legend has it that centuries ago, a treaty was formed between the Unicorns of Etherea and the Buffaloes of Colorado to create a new species of community-oriented, magical, fantastical animals: the Bufficorn.
The Bufficorns (monocerus magicalis bisonae) embody the best of both worlds. They #BUIDL for positive-sum outcomes and encourage the expression of unique creativity by each member of the community.
As a furtherance of this community #BUIDLing propensity, The Bufficorn #BUIDL Brigade is a perfect expression of what it means to “be a Bufficorn” and to be passionate about #BUIDLing the decentralized future: You be you and express your inner creativity in a way that creates fulfillment and value for you and the community.

Minting the B³
Whitelist Pre-mint:
Mint opens: 2pm EDT (6pm UTC), November 3rd
Pre-mint Allocation: 5,280 mints
Cost to mint: 0.05280 ETH
Who can pre-mint: Whitelisted addresses — Must Complete This Form
Whitelist Requirements: Hold 1,900 $SPORK by Tuesday, Nov 2nd at 12pm EDT

Public Mint:
Mint opens: 2pm EDT (6pm UTC), November 4th
Allocation: Remaining 4,720
Cost to mint: 0.1 ETH
Who can mint: everyone!
Community Mints:
600 bufficorns from the pre-mint have been set aside as incentives for 2022 sponsors and as a reward to SporkDAO/ETHDenver stewards for their generous support. This includes individuals and organizations who directly contribute time and funding to make ETHDenver and SporkDAO possible.

What Bufficorn will you be?

Rarity & Distribution
Total Bufficorns: 10,000
Total Possible Traits: 244
Background: 14
Fur: 22
Horn: 10
Headgear: 30
Back: 14
Threads: 46
Eyes: 42
Mouth: 22
Earrings: 8
Handheld: 21
Full Set: 15

Road Map & Value Accrual
The SporkDAO community is focused on three core values: Education, Community, and #BUIDLING.
ETHDenver, in four installations, has hosted over 40,000 Bufficorns from 104 countries. Over 800 projects have been birthed with over $100M in funding being allocated to some of the top projects from top VCs and community funding sources. That said, with all of the value that the ETHDenver community has created, up to now, almost no value has accrued back to the ETHDenver community itself.
With all of the value that the ETHDenver community has created, up to now, almost no value has accrued back to the ETHDenver community itself.
SporkDAO aims to change this paradigm. We have designed a positive-sum economic game design such that projects that #BUIDL at ETHDenver will have the opportunity to receive their first outside capital from the community itself.
Via Bufficorn Ventures and ColoradoJam, both metaDAOs of the SporkDAO community, projects will have the opportunity to receive up to $500K in seed funding. A total of $5M has been earmarked for the 2022 and 2023 ETHDenver epochs.
The Bufficorn #BUIDL Brigade will play a vital role in distributing value to community members. There is a growing list of incentives to holding a B³ NFT, including but not limited to: Random $SPORK drops to B³-holders, access to rare swag, priority access to private events, and automatic acceptance to ETHDenver.
In the coming years, SporkDAO will be expanding its offerings beyond ETHDenver. Global events, NFT partnerships, investments, and deepening our technology incubation are on the horizon.
SporkDAOs long list of supporters continues to grow. The top Web3 projects in the world are Members: MakerDAO, Chainlink, Opolis, Balancer, Uniswap, NEAR, Harmony, ConsenSys, Gitcoin, and hundreds more are contributing time and resources to see the community grow and accrue value for its Members.
Now’s a pretty good time to tell you, in case you didn’t know already, if you’ve ever attended, sponsored, spoken at, vended for, volunteered or Stewarded ETHDenver, great news, you’re a Member too!

The PFP that keeps on Giving
Bufficorns work together to support all members of the herd:
By mid-November all Bufficorns will have a special role in the SporkDAO/ETHDenver Discord with access to token-gated Discord channels, compliments of our friends over at Abridged.
When all 10,000 are minted, we will hold a special giveaway, in which 25 (twenty-five) of the 10k B³ will be randomly selected to win Signed Physical Artist Prints of your B³.
There will be random $SPORK Token Airdrops — Rarity Based Distribution to all B³ Holders:
Tier 1 Reward: Rarity #1–500
Tier 2 Reward: Rarity #501–2,500
Tier 3 Reward: Rarity #2,501–10,000
The drops to Tier 1 will be higher than the drops to Tier 2 which will be higher than the drops to Tier 3. The important piece to remember is all of the B³ are eligible for the $SPORK airdrops. Rarity Tier will be based on Rank over at Rarity.Tools.
4. Random drops for ETHDenver 2022 (Feb 11–20, 2022)
25 $SPORK Whale (VIP) Tickets
100 Bufficorn Plushies
Exclusive B³-Holder Swag Access
5. Future SporkDAO pre-mint Pre-mint Access
Be on the lookout for additional giveaways in the B³-holder channels of the discord as well as other mysterious Easter Eggs floating throughout the SporkDAO ecosystem.

Added November 3, 2021