Bulldroids NFT Public Minting

January 15, 2022

Company: Bulldroids

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Bulldroids is a collection of 9,999+1 algorithmically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, assembled from over 260 traits. No two of them are identical.

Besides being super cool, these 16 Bit Pixel Art Bulldog Droids are your key to being part of an exciting adventure in a unique Metaverse world.

The 9999 Bulldroids from the 1st Generation are divided into 3 factions of 3333 Bulldroids. Each faction will have an impact on the evolution of the Metaverse and will gain advantages, depending on their victories. It’s Teamwork!

Undoubtedly the most clever among the Bulldroids, the Burpoids digest mountains of information to create genius plans. Incredible builders and engineers, they have little or no patience for those who don’t respect their skills.

Added January 15, 2022