BurgerHeadz NFT Mint Date

May 28, 2022

Company: BurgerHeadz NFT

Price: 3 SOL

Supply: 10000

Source Link

BurgerHeadz is an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain that is dedicated to building the food truck franchise of your dreams.

Holders will have access to high discounts, voting privileges, community rewards, franchise funding, and special airdrops when we launch our token. If you’re searching for a real NFT project that offers utility and holder benefits you’ve found it. There are 10K unique BurgerHeadz and 6 super rare 1 of 1’s. Join our Discord early to get access to our whitelist details and view the 6 super rare NFTs.

If you love Burgers and NFTs you’ve found your home.

Why Mint?

The simple answer, you love Burgers, and NFTs. The deep answer, you want to be part of something bigger than a PFP community. You want to have a stake in a real project that is both rewarding and tasty. You want to help create more jobs and opportunities for others in the real world but also for web3. Finally you’re a leader who wants to advance the NFT and web3 ecosystem.


EARLY 2022

In early 2022, we’ll be building the foundation of our community, and launching our NFT collection task with building the burger franchise of our dreams. During this time the BurgerHeadz collection will purchase a new first food truck and secure all needed licenses, vendors, staffing and equiptment needed to operate.

Members will be able to vote on the design of the food truck wrap and submit special sauces to feature on the menu.

MID 2022

In mid-2022, BurgerHeadz will be launching the collections first food truck in Miami, FL.

We’ll also start voting on the next location for a second food truck.

LATE 2022, EARLY 2023

In late-2022, BurgerHeadz will be expanding to other cities and begin offering franchise opportunities. All while maining
quality and standards of the BurgerHeadz brand.

2023 & BEYOND

Once we hit 2023, we will begin building a dashboard for holder profits and launching a token that rewards holders.

Beyond that our plan is to continue growing our food truck locations and focus on more tools that help restaurants by bridging them to NFTs and web3.

Added May 11, 2022