Burnt Ape Skulls Mint

January 26, 2022

Company: Burnt Ape Skulls


We are going to release 333 pcs. of Burnt Ape Skulls. We have a talented fire artist whose works speak for themselves. Each skull is handmade, using a flamethrower(torch) by our fire artist, traits and accessories are handmade too and processed later to generate unique art pieces. We believe this is so exclusive that you did not see anything like this on the NFT market. Our first collection will be launched on the Solana network. We are planning some giveaways and future rewards for holders, new undiscovered collections if people like a different type of art. Well, if you are tired of the same knock-off projects without residual value, then our growing community is right for you. Join us and find out how every piece of art is made!

Added January 22, 2022