Butterfly Effect Drop

January 26, 2022

Company: 🦋[butterfly effect]🦋 NFT


A collection of 9999 unique crypto butterflies on the Cardano blockchain minted as animated on-chain NFTs. With these NFTs you don’t get just the image file, but also the full code to render it! Each NFTs on-chain metadata self-contains the entire code to run the animation (in any web browser!), without relying on external services, providing additional robustness and longevity.

Each butterfly has a unique shape, one of thousands possible color schemes and comes with a unique name and seed phrase, combining nature, mathematics and the blockchain.

Rare shiny butterflies with a special animation exist (2.1%).

Minting starts on: January 26th 2pm UTC, 14 ADA each, limited to 9999.

Added January 20, 2022