Camo Crocs Launch

December 10, 2021

Company: Camo Crocs NFT

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Camo Crocs is a collection of 5000 visually stunning, camouflaging, badass crocodile images that can be minted for a low price of 0.55 SOL.

Our core team consists of marketers and community managers behind blue chip NFTs like Weird Whales, Boring Bananas and Non Fungible Heroes.

The artist behind Camo Crocs, “Hundred Boys” Jo, is a truly gifted artist from Thailand who loves to hide Easter eggs in all his artwork. Not only are you looking at some of the BEST artwork you have seen lately in NFTs, but are in for a great ride exploring symbolisms, hidden facts and unbelievable visual details throughout the collection. With over 100 traits, amazing 1/1s and a long roadmap, you will be proud to be part of this community. Trust us, you will LOVE to make Camo Crocs your profile picture!

We plan to develop Camo Crocs as a brand. The first step after mint is opening a merchandise store, giving you some amazing ways to proudly display your love for Camo Crocs.

Camo Crocs has a long, multi-generational roadmap, with at least two more generations planned already. A community wallet will be opened as we progress through minting milestones, which will go straight back to our holders as rewards like SOL and specially chosen NFTs decided through community input. Our holders will also be incentivized through the next generation Camo Crocs release. Throughout the mint, our artist will reward some holders with his unique artwork and animations outside of Camo Crocs.

PRESALE: December 9th (Thursday) 8 PM GMT
PUBLIC MINT: December 10th (Thursday) 8 PM GMT

We are actively whitelisting community members for our early presale. We are eager to give these to people who are truly passionate about the strong artwork. If you are interested, join us on Discord and let us know your interest, we will do our best to get you a spot!

But why are there 5000 Camo Crocs specifically, you ask? You see, we humans have a knack for pushing several animals towards extinction. For instance, the Cuban species of crocs have now dwindled down to a mere 5000 in the wild. We wanted to make you aware of the fact that such mighty beasts might remain only in NFTs one day if we don’t conserve wildlife.

Added November 30, 2021