CardanoRockets Drop

December 10, 2021

Company: Cardano Rockets

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Rockets, Space Dome, Aliens, Asteroids…..
We have a very exciting roadmap ahead of us, which we have outlined below.

Stage 1 – Now

Generation of Rockets. Each is unique and hand rendered. There will only be 300 rockets per series and a maximum of 5 series. Price will be 30ada.
The first series will be minted in December 2021. Subsequent series will be minted in regular intervals (we envisage no more than 4 weeks between drops – we can tailor this to demand)

Stage 2 – Ongoing

In parallel to Stage 1, our devs are working hard on building the “Space Dome”. The dome is an environment where each rocket minted can submitted and flown. Flying will be autonomous by the control systems in the rocket, but will have commands to land and launch.

The dome is very complex and graphics heavy (we want it to look amazing) we expect that this will take several months to complete – however, we will release videos and images of the development process 🙂

The dome will include: Space Environment, Asteroids, Aliens, Landing and Launch sites

Stage 3 – Future

Optional extras – we will add “bolt ons” for your rocket, booster packs, lasers as well as unique landing sites, exclusive for your rocket. We want to get the utility of the project working first, so this bit comes last.

Added November 29, 2021