Cartoon Turtle Drop

November 20, 2021

Company: Cartoon Turtle NFT

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Supply: 4,444
Mint price: 0.3 SOL

The Cartoon Turtle NFT is a collection of 4,444 art pieces, uniquely generated with 72 attributes. It is unique digital collection of NFTs on Solana. We decided to start this project to both contribute to the blockchain with our adorable turtles and raise awareness on the endangered turtle and tortoise species. This collection is a result of weeks of our hard work. We also hope to build a great community around the project!

Turtles will become available to mint for 0.3 SOL each on 20th November 2021.
Then, we are going to have them listed on marketplaces ? such as DigitalEyes.
10% from initial sales will be donated to charity ?.
7.5% secondary market royalties, which include 5% on further project development and 2.5% on community wallet.

Breeding will be introduced in 2022 and available only to owners of Cartoon Turtle NFTs.

Added October 25, 2021