Cash Cats Mint Date

July 8, 2022

Company: Cash Cats

Price: .1 ETH

Supply: 3333


Cash Cats are a Passive income-focused NFT, backed by top crypto protocols that provide rewards to holders. The art is 100% hand drawn, and then digitized. July 8th, at mint we will be randomly generating traits to create 3,333 Cash Cats. The projects’ goal is to provide holders exposure & education to passive income opportunities and NFT Alpha.

Utility Includes:
Rewards will be generated and air dropped through Bitcoin & Kadena Mining, Osmosis Liquidity Pools, NFT WRLDS/Sandbox Staking & AVAX validators. The CashCats have created a one of a kind dashbaord known as the Catalyzer. It will allow you to view project’s treasury as well as the rewards generated for each holder. In Q4 2022, we will have a mobile app for all of our holders. The treasury will be held in a Multi-Sig wallet to avoid any potential issues.
In addition to air dropped rewards based off the Cats’ treasury we have NFT Alpha Calls & Education in regards to the protocols we are utilizing. By Holding a Cat it gives you first access to the next gen NFT (more passive rewards!). Lastly we will have Monthly NFT raffles also airdropped for our holders.

Added June 7, 2022