NFT Evening

CasperSwap Conaloa 2

December 31, 2023

Company: CasperSwap

Price: 10 USDC


Introducing CasperSwap Canaloa 2 – The second edition CasperSwap NFT!

Canaloa symbolizes our vision of CasperSwap: it’s intelligent, transparent, and innovative. As the first open-source automated market-making decentralized exchange on the Casper Network, CasperSwap brings an open, transparent, and efficient solution for protocols to incentivize liquidity for their own use case, for liquidity providers to earn fees and competitive rewards, and for traders to swap assets efficiently.

CasperSwap is excited to announce its launch on Casper Network on June 12th, 2023, at 12:00 PM EST. At launch, CasperSwap aims to be the most liquid trading and liquidity marketplace on Casper.

This NFT will be minted as an open edition. A CasperSwap community member who completes a set of tasks by the campaign’s end will be eligible to mint a single CasperSwap Canaloa 2 NFT.

Added October 12, 2023