Caturday Tales NFT Mint

December 10, 2021

Company: Caturday Tales NFT

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Free Mint for the first 888. Total Collection of 5555

Caturday Tales is a collection of randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Join the litter and benefit from shaping a new pet brand, complete with physical products, educational stories, and future drops — all supported with a mission to give back to shelters in our community.

Our mission is to build Caturday Tales into a multi-initiative branded house that encourages people to learn, experiment, create and give back.

Let’s break those elements down:

Caturday Tales: This is the master brand. Think of it like FedEx being the brand name you recognize even though they have several other brands (FedEx Office, FedEx Trade Networks etc). We think we can build equity in this name and have it be a household reference.

Multi-Initiative: This describes how we show up in the world – and it’s new. Most products/brands start in one category, then slowly look for ways to extend their products and services in ‘adjacent markets’. We’re doing the opposite. We’re looking to start wide and intentionally target 4 main spheres of influence:

– Digital, NFT, Metaverse
– Pet Toys and Supplies
– Books
– Philanthropy

We believe that these create a flywheel that will propel us forward – with community at the center. The NFTs will be the launch pad as we fund the business and build up the brand. The art gives the brand character and emotion. The tokenization gives us an inherent way of rewarding our community by adding value to owners. Think of the NFT as the best loyalty card in the world. As we move forward, the art will expand into metaverse platforms – via sandbox, decentraland, cryptovoxels, allowing a more unique “relationship” with your pet/friend. This is one dimension – and will be the core community building platform to drive the brand forward.

Added December 6, 2021