Chief Toad NFT Mint

July 5, 2022

Company: G-Link

Price: 0.08 ETH

Supply: 10000

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Chief Toad is a utility-first NFT genesis collection, which grants holders VIP membership into G-Link’s gameverse. Chief Toad’s numerous utilities include the ability to create guilds in the gameverse, higher in-game earnings, enjoy early access to games in beta and virtual land sales, and priority access to the GLINK token IDO whitelist. Chief Toad’s early inspiration was Naruto, specifically the toads of Mount Myoboku which support the protagonist on his journey to become stronger. Meanwhile, the art style references East Asian culture and history, including traditional art movements like the Japanese woodblock print Ukiyo-e, Chinese ink painting, and the dynastic periods.

Through fun and accessible mobile blockchain games, G-Link aims to bring Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0. G-Link is the GameFi ecosystem linking gamers, game developers and investors, with features including a gameverse of enjoyable blockchain games, games incubator, NFT marketplace and the GSwap trading network.

The platform will be powered by the GLINK token, launching through an IDO in Q3 2022, which is the primary medium of exchange for all GSwap transactions. GLINK provides cross-game liquidity and flexibility, meaning gamers have a safe way to trade assets across games, and can keep what they have earned while switching from game to game whenever. GLINK also functions as a second layer, increasing throughput and minimizes gas fees on the platform, so that Web 3.0 games can be more interactive, strategic and engaging.

Already, G-Link is scheduled to release 4 P2E mobile games in 2022: Kartopia, a racetrack game; Card Master, a strategy-based game with collectible cards; SPE Colony, a simulation game around kingdom-building; Coin Fishing Frenzy, a simple arcade-style game. Over 10 developers are also in talks to add an even wider selection to G-Link’s expanding gameverse, ensuring there will always be something for every player and making it easy to discover new games.

Added June 15, 2022