Chill With Jesus NFT Release

December 24, 2021

Company: Chill with Jesus

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Chill with Jesus! – Brand new project!

?7,777 Chill w Jesus NFTs – 0.07 eth each!
?Future Angel NFT Minting that allows exclusive access/ rewards
?49 ETH (Over $220,000) Giveaway after sell out!

Further project information and direction
The initial part of the current V1 roadmap with leading up to the sell out of the project, will aim to give back to our members, we are going to be giving back NFT’s and monetary prizes to the buyers and holders of the project. Once we raise enough funds to cover the initial investments, fufil our giveaway promises, we are going to work on and implement a staking function for holders to earn passive income on their investment which will be called ‘Heavens Pot’. Once this is in the works, we will also be using some of the investments to fund a development team to create our own combat game where you can earn/unlock additional parts of the metaverse and use it to increase your heavenly pot.

Added November 30, 2021